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Pet Hair Brush Self-Cleaning Comb

Pet Hair Brush Self-Cleaning Comb

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1.  232 steel teeth with resin glue protection tips massage the pet's skin, help promote blood circulation and skin barrier, and eliminate physical fatigue.

2. Regular combing can prevent coats from knotting, matting, and catching dirt, especially for long-haired pets.

3. Grooming pets helps detect hidden wounds or skin problems and get the best treatment on time.

4. Grooming pets frequently can stimulate hair follicles, ensure better hair quality and hair volume, and make pet coats smooth and shiny.

5.  The 135° curved design of the steel teeth can better grasp the hair when combing, catching the combed hair on the comb teeth and preventing static electricity.

6.  The one-click cleaning button makes combed hair come off easily and avoids mess.

Product Information:

Material: ABS, HTPE, stainless steel
Product Category: Comb brush
Specifications: white, yellow, purple, pumpkin color
Applicable gift-giving occasions: weddings, parties
Applicable gift-giving relationships: couples, colleagues, friends, classmates
Pumpkin comb size: 195*84*66mm
UFO comb size: 205*95*45mm

Packaging Information:

Hair comb x1



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