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Adjustable Pet Harness Leash Set With Cute Bee Escape Proof

Adjustable Pet Harness Leash Set With Cute Bee Escape Proof

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Adjustable to fit most pets - Our escape-proof harness comes with fully adjustable neck and chest straps, making it suitable for most small to medium-sized pets. Always leave two finger spaces between the strap and the pet's neck/chest for a comfortable fit.

2-IN-1 Pet Leash and Harness Set - The cute design combined with an adjustable harness will make your pet stand out from other pets and become a highlight of your daily life. The distinct and cute design on the back can also help you spot your pet immediately, preventing it from getting lost while walking outdoors.

Durable and Comfortable Material - The 3/8-inch wide cover is made of high-density nylon fabric and high-quality hardware. This material is durable but lightweight and suitable for pet use. The well-defined edges will not cause your pet any discomfort when worn.

Convenience and Escape Proof - To protect your pet's safety when walking outside, our leash-and-harness set is designed to cover your pet's neck and chest, which can effectively provide double security to prevent escape.

Easy to Put On and Off - The two quick-release buckles are designed to make it convenient to put on and take off.

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